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Karaoke is here to stay...
Caught In The Act Karaoke E-Zine

Angela L. settles the score...

As a kind of "spin off" from last months article, DJ Adrienne being interviewed by the Rhode Island Journal Bulletin about the longevity of karaoke entertainment, Caught In The Act Karaoke spoke with Anglea L. of Seattle . Angela is a working-class American, who enjoys her career as a restaruant manager, and is also a big fan of the spotlight.    

Angela L.

Angela, 27,  began singing when she was three-years-old and has been an unstopable force since day one. "I've always been able to command an audience, and it just feels right for me to be giving it my all when on stage. People seem to enjoy my singing, and I totally dig giving it to them.", Anglea explains excitedly. So what is it about the karaoke scene that has her hooked? "It's (usually) a free means to express myself and get exposure to the music business. Out here, you really never know who'll be in the crowd as you're up there doing your thing. So I say do it well and enjoy yourself! Get people into it, and make an impression." Caught In The Act pushed the issue by asking if she felt like she was simply making too much out of a weekly karaoke joint, and she stated, "I don't think I am, and there's nothing wrong with over doing something if the crowd digs it, right? I'll pick out something to wear that looks 'just right', take care of my voice the best I can, and really have fun with it while singing my heart out...and it's just karaoke. Sure. To some, that's all it is. To me, I'm having a great time!"

Angela L.

Angela will stop into a few different locations that hold karaoke, but her favorite spot, The Liquid Lounge, is where it's at for crowd response. "It's not just karaoke, here.", one patron stated to Anglea, "It's people you know, who are actually talented, putting on one helluva show!" Some people frequent this location on karaoke nights just to watch and listen.

Is karaoke just a passing fancy? Maybe a fad that will fade? Perhaps even a fashion on it's way out? Indeed not. It is quite aparant that whether one is a singer or not, karaoke is enjoyed by all. It is quickly becoming a household name in entertainment and looks to be holding it's reputation of " a fun night out" right up there with dinner and dancing or going to the movies!

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