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Interview Page
Caught In The Act Karaoke E-Zine

E-zines, like print magazines, frequently include interviews. "Caught In The Act Karaoke" hopes to keep you as equally entertained with exciting, edgy interviews that leave you wanting more! 

An online interview with "Bruce", a self procalimed weirdo from somewhere in Boston, Ma.
CITA: What is it about karaoke that holds your interest?
Bruce: Trying to keep people on their toes by singing stuff nobody would be ready for.
CITA: What is your favorite karaoke tune to perform?
Bruce: I really enjoy doing the classic Do-Wop oldies
CITA: What was your best karaoke moment?
Bruce: Actually getting a good applause...when the people really like what I've sung.
CITA: How about your worst / most embarrassing karaoke moment?
Bruce: They are usually pretty bad...most times I'm on stage, that is.  HAHA!
CITA: Do you have any tips for first time karaoke singers?

Bruce: Be yourself and have FUN!


Caught In The Act Karaoke would love to interview YOU! Contact us with your interest HERE, and we'll ask you a few fun & easy questions. Please provide a picture of yourself if desired, and you could be in next month's edition of our E-Zine!


Boston, Ma.

He calls himself Bruce while entertaining the Boston, Ma. area with his particular karaoke style - bizarre.