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RI Journal Bulletin Interviews Local Karaoke DJ
Caught In The Act Karaoke E-Zine

Written by: Adrienne West

Upcoming magazine-style article about local karaoke entertainment will be printed in the Rhode Island Providence Journal Bulletin in the very near future.

Caught In The Act DJ, Adrienne West, was interviewed last week by a writer for the Providence Journal. Evidentally, there is some question as to whether or not karaoke is still a popular form of entertainment today as compared to when it first hit the scene in the USA in the early 1980's. He also asked questions pertaining to what makes a person sing karaoke; what's the drive? What's the hype? Adrienne was all too willing to answer these questions...   

Don C.

"I've always been amazed by the unexpected." Adrienne states, when asked what keeps her interested as a karaoke DJ. "It's wild to see someone who, on the outside, is just that cable repair man, the counter clerk at the convenience store or even the guy who works at the gas station down the street. As they get up to the microphone, however, something clicks. When every day people get in the spotlights and start singing, it's an amazing transformation at times! There's a rock star in all of us."

Adrienne furthered her point by mentioning, "I think, for people who are working hard all week, coming to a karaoke venue to let off steam is another factor. Some folks simply enjoy having fun with it, and they get a kick out of seeing everyone having fun along with's a great time!"


Matt W.

If you're one who enjoys the thrill of the karaoke experience or even if you simply perfer being in the audience, it's easy to see that this type of entertainment is still as popular today as it was in the 1980's. "Some people come out to watch and enjoy the atmosphere, while others enjoy being center stage. The applause is a rush!" said one karaoke patron at Copperfield's Lounge in Warwick, RI.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming article in the Providence Journal. Brian, a writer for the newspaper, made his way to Copperfield's Thursday, September 25, 2003. He asked karaoke-goers questions as to why they enjoy this scene. What makes a karaoke fan...well...a fan? Brian recently said he needs more for this story; he also said perhaps he'll be back at Copperfield's on a Sunday this time. Maybe he can be convinced to sing?
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