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Jim Shepard Wins Contest
Caught In The Act Karaoke E-Zine


Written by: Adrienne West

What an exciting night!


Jim Shepard, former Caught In The Act DJ who still does a night here and there, brought the house down at Lincoln Greyhound Park at a karaoke contest sponsored by WCTK 98.1 FM radio Friday night. (9/5/03) In the first round, Jim performed "I'm Already There" by Lonestar, leaving the crowd hollering and whisteling in a standing ovation. One of the judges was blown away by Jim's humble composure as well as his heart-felt performance. His second song selection for the finalist round was "Breathe" by Faith Hill, which was also sung from the heart and was equally as powerful. The crowd loved him, and the judges came to the agreement (something we knew all along) that Jim was the man of the night. The highlighted prize among the bag-o-prizes Jim received, was a live appearance on WCTK 98.1 FM radio from 7am-8am Tuesday morning 09/09/03. He'll be singing an original tune! LIVE!!


Update: Jim's appearance on the morning show was nothing short of fantastic! He sounded right at home on the air, and there was a particular aura about him that had us all listening from the proverbial edge our our seats. Throughout the interview with Tad and Chris, Jim was calm, cool and collected. On the inside, however, he was bursting at the seams to play his original tune. "Tina's Song", lyrics Jim had written for his wife, was something truly magical from the moment pen hit paper. He sang it to Tina (for the first time) on the dance floor at their wedding. [06/29/2002]


Believe it or not, Jim only learned to play the tune a few days prior to his radio appearance! Yes, he's played the guitar for a while, but never this song. Family and friends of Jim's were tuned in all over the state, and personally, every radio I could find at work that morning was set to 98.1 FM.


The one thing that Jim found most appealing through this experience was that he would have a chance to sing his song on the radio. He would be able to shout his love for Tina from the rooftops if he won this contest. The crowd loved him, and the judges were definitely inspired! Tuesday morning found Jim in great voice, and somewhere, there was a very happy teacher wearing headphones in class.
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