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Caught In The Act Karaoke
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DJ Services For All Occasions
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Welcome to our web site!

Caught In The Act Karaoke offers a variety of DJ services. This website highlights areas of interest for karaoke patrons and private party needs. There is also a photo gallery of local people like yourselves in the spotlight. 

We are excited that you are visiting our web site. Our company is here to provide unique DJ services for any occasion.

On this site you'll find information about our activities and karaoke venues. We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for about Caught In The Act Karaoke

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From weekly karaoke venues to private parties, we do it all.

The holidays are here. Book events with us now!

Send us E-mail at:

Caught In The Act Karaoke

You can also reach me at 401.636.0368 to book private parties, leave comments or get more information.

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