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1551 Warwick Avenue, Providence, RI


















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Copperfield’s leads a double life. Big screens and Direct TV make the upstairs a haven for the armchair quarterback while downstairs, some kickin’ karaoke during the week and live stuff on the weekends appeal more to the ragers among us.

Sports bar up, night club down – that’s the setup. Whichever you choose you’ll find you can languish by a full bar, sample six beers on tap and pick from a selection of finger food. Chalk up your stick and call the pocket at one of nine pool tables or toe the line and let fly at one of the dart boards. Lady luck comes in many guises, however, and you may prefer trying to secure her favor playing that old VFW favorite, Keno. Copperfield’s is also a full-service lottery agent.

The karaoke here is always a fun time. If it’s music you’re after, though, it pays to wait for the weekend, when the professionals arrive. The gigs that show up are varied – classic rockers to Top 40. Past performers include What Matters, DV8, Descenders, LIKK, Uncle Chubby’s… If you find that your personal favorites are going to be jamming out here, go – you’ll only be sharing them with maybe eighty or ninety others.

In short, Copperfield’s tries to offer something for everyone. Conscious of that third shift, its hours are all inclusive: 8am to 1am Monday through Saturday, Noon to 1am Sundays. Whether your favorite past-time is berating Bledsoe, outguessing Keno, chalking up or rocking out, you should find that you can do it here.

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